Barbara E. Hines is a licensed professional counselor with over 30 years of experience in the field of community mental health. She holds a Masters degree from Syracuse University in rehabilitation counseling and a Masters degree in public administration from New York University. She is also an Accredited Clinical Supervisor. She has been employed in outpatient and residential settings in New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. She is currently practicing as a Senior Therapist at the Institute for Personal Growth and as a Clinician with the Concern Employee Assistance Program embedded at Google NYC.

  •   Adults with chronic mental illness or head injury
  • The LGBT community and their families
  • Those suffering from depression and/or anxiety
  • Those in early recovery
  • Individuals experiencing challenges with productivity in the workplace
  • Couples dealing with relational distress
  • Those experiencing challenges related to infertility
  • Those dealing with the challenges of an aging family

Ms. Hines previous experience includes working with the Bayonne Community Mental Health Center as the Director of Outpatient Services as well as overse ring their Employee Assistance Program. Prior to that she was the coordinator to the Employee Assistance Program at Hoboken University Medical Center from for six years. During those years she provided mental health consultations and trainings to the employees of 10 organizations, including two fire departments, an urban municpality, a hospital and an educational/community development organization. She has managed professional staff, volunteers, interns and support staff throughout her career. Ms. Hines has been employed as a Staff Psychotherapist with the Institute of Personal Growth in Jersey City since 2000.