Examine. Renew. Thrive

Life can be overwhelming, but everyone has the possibility to access their better self – and counseling can assist you in that process.

Ask yourself: Am I sleeping well? Am I thinking clearly? Are there any troubling thoughts? Do I feel productive? Do I have satisfiying emotional connections?

If you’re distressed or distracted in your life at this moment, then it’s time to make an assessment. Counseling can help to soften, soothe, and strengthen you so that you can return to your best level of functioning.

***Artwork by Stephen Cimini***

Consultation and Treatment for a Multicultural World

Counseling for today’s world can prevent chronic, debilitating behavioral habits from taking hold and ruining productivity, family relations, and workplace functioning. Specialization is offered in issues related to medical concerns throughout the life cycle, blended families and the LGBT community.

Local Care, National Reach

Clients have access to complementary treatment providers such as herbalists, psychiatrists, psychologists, coaches, acupuncturists, and creative practitioners of dance and arts therapy as well as national treatment providers and rehab centers.

Preventative Approach

Far from optional, mental health care is something that should be assessed by the individual regularly. Your progress will be stated, measurable, and observable. But there’s no need to worry about growing old together, we’ll work together just exactly as long as you need to – you won’t be in therapy forever.